of Keith Farvis I practise Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in Edinburgh with people of all ages from babies upwards.

Craniosacral Therapy provides an approach to being with the body and mind in a way that supports and facilitates the body/mind to engage its own self-healing mechanisms in a most remarkable way. It is as if Craniosacral Therapy speaks the body's own language and through a gentle hand's-on therapy session, it helps the body to loosen the grip of old stresses and traumas that are no longer relevant.

Our bodies have a remarkable ability to adapt to cope with difficult circumstances, whether these be illness, an accident, operation, or a difficult childbirth, the stresses and strains of daily life or more specific traumatic events. What our bodies are less able to do is to appreciate when those events have passed and these compensations are no longer necessary. The result is a body held in a contracted and compromised state.

Craniosacral Therapy can help the body re-evaluate what defence and compensation mechanisms still need to be active now. As the old stuck patterns are released, more fluidity and ease comes to the body, expressing the degree of health that we had almost forgotten was possible.